The 6th beginning • • January 15, 2018


Logan-Astrup_Peak 6a


I bet you’re wondering what’s going on with this one!


I’ve been tempted to see what happens if I brutalize – and even tear into – a sheet before ever beginning to paint. This beat up, cracked old peak I’m portraying has just the right character to try something like that, so I did! That was yesterday, and then it took about 10 minutes of ink slinging before I realized I was in real trouble. Three terrible hours later, I was certain my picture was horrible. In a last ditch attempt to try anything, I ripped even further into the top of the peak, thinking I might at least slip a whole new mountain top in and paste it down. The photo above was what this mess looked like when I gave up in disgust last night.


This morning I got a big surprise! Once I simply put a sheet of blank paper behind my gapping rip, the top of my mountain suddenly looked perplexingly . . . better? How was that even possible?


Okay, so you know how I spent my day today! I sanded and carefully laid in that white sheet behind my damned hole, then ground up and frayed it’s edges even more before carefully pasting them all down. Finally, I tapped the flat side of a brush with the barest amount of diluted ink against the area, so the texture would pick up just a bit of it.


The snapshot below is of how things stand tonight – it doesn’t capture the true complexity of the dimension and texture I’ve got going, but if you CLICK THE PICTURE YOU’LL GET A BETTER LOOK!



Logan-Astrup_Peak 6b