The Chasm Once Again • April 22, 2015


This is the second picture I’ve made of the mouth of the Great Falls Chasm in Paterson, NJ.



Hey All –


It’s beginning to feel weird to make a simple mark and leave it! The actual application of ink seems less important than how I manipulate it – or my paper before, during and after ink goes down. In this respect, this picture has teetered over some sort of tipping point. It’s so muscular and beefy in appearance, as if in areas it was done with fat, grainy paint instead of plain, old India ink.


I’m not certain this one is quite finished. However, my advisory board is emphatic: I’m to PUT THIS DRAWING AWAY, DON’T TOUCH IT, LET IT REST! 


Okay, alright, I got it. I’ll do it. Geez.


Your Buddy Bill


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