The Chips Were Flying • December 13, 2014

It’s been a bit too long since I last wrote. The Boss Elf has me working hard on our Great Secret Christmas Project. Some fine effort has been put in, with a lot more ahead yet, and less than two weeks to go. We’ve had a few real eye openers. I feel like I’ve had a change of brain, if only temporarily. This is quite pleasant.


Since I still can’t show you what we’re doing yet, I’m again glancing back, this time to last Christmas, when Kay (my sis) made a sweet, sweet, sweeeeet woodblock print for Reidun. Honestly, to really capture the charm of it I could quite rightly add even a few more sweet, sweet, sweets!


Here, see for yourself:




These were printed with oil based inks. All the color was applied to the block and printed at once, via hand rubbing. There was a good deal of experimenting, with each impression coming out differently. Some didn’t work. This next one was too boldly colored. Kay was going to scrap it, but she let me mess with it instead. Sadly, I drew the cat that ate her tweety bird!




The woodblock that did the actual printing, still stained with remnant inks, is gorgeous too!




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