The Elves go to work • November 27, 2014

Reidun is my sweetie, and more fun to give gifts to than anyone, because she’s always amazed by it. Genuinely, as if it’s the single kindest thing anyone has ever done. Oh, and as if she has landed on Free Parking, won Lotto, is 9 years old again, gets vanilla chocolate chip ice cream and is sitting in a patch of sunshine so perfect it took the sun billions of years to get that good.


Now, my sis, Kay, is perfect for Reidun because she’s a weirdo, and and more elf than human. She’s scary creative. Each year, in October, I get my phone call from the West Coast Branch of The United Elves Manufacturers and Packers, Chapter 127-5-A. It sounds suspiciously like Kay announcing she has The Christmas Plan. I thought when we unionized, and got disclaimers and everything, that I might have some protection and say so, but nope, I always seem to sign on. It doesn’t even take much of a push. Well okay, last year I did nix her idea of making yarn winders out of Tinker Toys. But the 2011 Textile Design Project was beyond brilliant.


It’s easy to have any design printed on fabric, yards of it if you wish. Kay found the perfect outfit online, then drafted me to secretly gather and scan a great pile of Reidun’s kiddie drawings. We also had her niece translate favorite Norwegian childhood songs into English, so we would know what they’re about. Did you guess that Reidun is Norwegian?


With this goldmine of source material (yep, it’s a pun), the elves went to work. Kay combined her own illustrations, the song lyrics and Reidun’s drawings to make delightful fat quarters (a quilter’s term meaning quarter sections of fabric). My plan was to create new upholstry fabric for the futon couch our sweet little kittie cats had torn to shreds.


I should mention that the elves are setting up shop again in the next few days. Can’t say more, but stay tuned.


Your Buddy Bill ——————–


My 2011 Upholstery Fabric

I used Photoshop to color manipulate, digitally draw upon and collage Reidun’s drawings. This panel is designed to print on fabric 58″ wide, with a 36″ repeat. This means the right and left edges are aligned so they will match up when printed in series. FINISHED_BIG_PATTERNblog


Here is what it looks like repeating. The pattern is set up so the lower half is the part of the couch you sit on, while the upper half is the back.



These are examples of how Reidun’s drawings looked before and after manipulation. The absolutely perfect drawing at lower left was used just as it is. I adore the picture of her dad. I believe he’s repairing a shoe. Andreas could fix anything, and was an incredible man.



If you’re gonna do couch fabric, you must provide for cushions. Here are some of the patterns, along with Reidun’s drawings again.




Kay Logan’s Fat Quarters

WOW! What more needs be said about such incredible visual treats?


There is a funny story about the first one. The song tells of a grasshopper that regardless of whether he should or not, falls in love with the poppies he can’t quite reach. Hilda (Reidun’s niece), who speaks almost perfect English, translated poppy as puppy, so to begin with, our lil’ hopper had a thing for the pooch. When Kay was informed of the error, she took it artfully in stride.


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