The high resolution difference • • October 9, 2017


I’m a bit too pooped to be much of an artist today, so I’m putting time in on peripheral tasks. As mentioned previously, the biggest of these is processing and capturing hi-rez images of a great backlog of finished pictures that has piled up since last Spring! Oh, have I ever been neglecting this picky-fussy task, which is necessary but no fun.


Do you want to see the difference between a quick, working photo and a really good image capture? At top is the snapshot I took in the studio, using my trusty Canon Powershot camera. It actually does a reasonable job, although the image is very contrasty, and the actual color of the paper and ink are out of balance.


Now, compare that version to the one below, which is so much sharper and has a far more subtle and complete range of tones. If you click the picture to enlarge it, you can see the texture in this painting a lot better too, although not as well as you could if we were looking a the real thing together.


Norway warm up 2


Logan High Up 2 blog


Um, can you tell this view is high up in the subarctic Norwegian mountains, and in a winter’s storm? Hope so.


Okay – back to work I go. There won’t be a post tomorrow (I’m taking down my exhibition), but by Tuesday or Wednesday we should be back to a normal rhythm –


Your Buddy Bill