The logical next step • • October 4, 2018


Logan Nikolai's Mountain 41


I’m beginning to realize how far I’ve come with my grays. They’re frustratingly hard to use well, but what power they have when I get it right! I think this picture has even more presence than the one I showed you yesterday, without depending so much on potent darks! Actually, both pictures together are a good pairing.


I’m also very pleased with the conversation/visual balance between all of the textures – both painted and real. And it looks almost as if this picture happened on it’s own too. It didn’t, of course, but the more I get out of the way, the better my work seems to become.


Here, take a closer look at each of the sheets to see what I mean:


Logan Nikolai's Mountain 41 detail 2



Logan Nikolai's Mountain 41 detail 1