The New Year is Already Rolling! • January 11, 2017


So, the latest silence isn’t because nothing has been going on, but because A LOT has been!


First off, 2016 was one of the best creative years I’ve ever had! The funny thing is that until I tallied up all the pictures I finished (and how well I’d done), my perception was that it was one of my more difficult years. Now I think both are true.


So what’s next? What I can say now is that I’ve done something like 120 pictures in the last 4 months, and almost all are part of a  new project that really snuck up on me and has taken hold. I’m in deep. As soon as I figure out a bit more, I’ll tell you all about it.


AND, if you haven’t visited my website lately, there is a real treat ahead! It’s grown tremendously, with many new sections now open and loading up with great stuff. The links below will take you to lovely photography, bug making and fly tying. Almost THIRTY of my articles are now also available in a cool new digital reader format. And I’ve just opened my sculpture section too. Although there’s only one piece there so far, it’s really worth seeing.


Keep checking in – I hope to astonish you!


Your Buddy Bill


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