They just keep a comin’ – I can’t stop ’em • February 17, 2015



Good Morning Gang –


I’m finding my way back into the big work, but around the edges and also as my warm up each morning, I intend to keep cranking cats out. I can’t seem to stop and besides, it’s great exercise. Obviously, this photo is just a composite of quick point-n-shoots, and the drawings still need to be cleaned up, flattened and officially scanned. Still, you get a pretty good peek at a few of the dozen or so kitties I did over the weekend and yesterday.


Do you remember a children’s picture book called, Millions of Cats, by Wanda Gag? It was brilliant, and a little creepy. It gave my little sis nightmares, but I was enthralled with the powerful black & white illustrations. If you google the book’s title, there is a good Wikipedia entry, and when you go to Images, you’ll find some of the wonderful pictures. Even though it was first published in 1928, this book was so popular (and went through so many printings) that it remains easy to find. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s still in print.


I don’t think I’ll ever manage to draw a million cats, but if I keep going, I might have hundreds of ’em by year’s end. Hey, maybe some day I could have a thousand! A thousand cats. . . wow.


Your Buddy Bill ——————–


PS: Here is the cover and an interior illustration from the book!