They’re getting bigger! • June 4, 2018


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Soooooo many more of these are coming – AND they’re getting bigger, more daring and, well, just plain more everything! Some (like this one) are brooding, but others you will soon see are as light and bright as the sharp northern air.


At this point in my ink slinging, I’m painting with it, but also hand and press printing it, scrapping it in, smearing it on  – – – it’s a free for all. I’m astonished at how much more there is to mark making that just picking up a brush!


And I’m pleased at how much my paper can be manipulated and abused – while still holding together (sometimes barely). For instance, just look at the water across the bottom of this picture. I wrinkled and crinkled the heck out of it, then used the texture to pick up additional ink. I also did some sanding to add highlights to the high points. Painter, sculptor, what the heck am I?


Here is a closer view of each sheet:


Logan Nikolai's 17 detail1 blog


Logan Nikolai's 17 detail2 blog