As far as I can take it • October 5, 2017


Well, I’ve punched myself to a standstill this time and can do no more. I feel a bit let down by this picture (or maybe myself), as if I’ve somehow just missed my reach.


That being said, I’ve certainly pushed my mix of collage and painting further than ever. It’s hard to look at this one and not think it was done in some sort of thicker paint, rather than just India ink. My surfaces are very rich now. I wonder, is my work starting to go through a character shift?


Here is a detail view of the upper right corner, so you can something of what I’m talking about:


Logan North Sea-Headland detail 3 blog


And below is the whole picture – click on the images to get a really good look!


Logan North Sea-Headland blog


North Sea – Distant Headland, Norway

India ink, inked collage and surface alteration on paper – two sheets = 14″ x 21″