This one is HOT!!! • June 5, 2018


Logan Nikolai's Mountain 17 blog


I spend most of the making of my pictures trying to adjust to things I sort of wish hadn’t happened. That’s just how it goes when so much of what I’m doing both sets up – and is at the mercy of – happenstance.


So, when a picture like this spills out, so perfectly, as if it was already lined up and just waiting, I’m taken completely by surprise. Looking at it now, I can kinda figure out the moves in there, but do you think I’ve been able to get any of that incredible liquidy, organic mountain texture to show up in my other work yet? Yeah, keep dreamin’!


Here are close ups of both of the sheets:


Logan Nikolai's Mountain 17 detail1 blog


Logan Nikolai's Mountain 17 detail2 blog