This One Was a Surprise! • January 21, 2015

Hey ya –


I went up to my studio this early morn, thinking I would jump right on a difficult new picture I’ve begun. But then I got distracted by a rambunctious Passaic River sketch I’d done on site in failing light months ago. It was another version of the same scene that has so captured my attention, and has been clipped up above where I work, because it clearly had moments, though more bad than good. Before I knew it, I had it down and was going at it; slapping ink down, scrubbing and scrapping right back into it, sanding, cutting, collaging. I was completely heartless.


Now at day’s end, my knuckles are sore from all of the twisting and torquing as I ground into the sheet with sandpaper. My knife is as dull as a child’s safety scissors, and I’m very worried that my drawing might just fall apart when I lift it off the board. That’s tomorrow’s problem!


Hope all is hopping right along,


Your Buddy Bill ——————-


I didn’t shoot the drawing before torturing it, but it’s in this photo of my messy work area.



It looks like this now!


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