It’s time again to start show-n-tell! • September 11, 2017


Good Morning All –


For awhile there I got out of the habit of regular posting, and that’s no good.


But beginning this week my summer play time is over and I’m starting what I hope will be a concentrated studio run that takes me through the Autumn and Winter. I have SO MUCH new work to show you already, although most of it must still be flattened and scanned. That’s going to take a bit, so for now, let’s at least start with some quick point-n-shoot photos. Perhaps it’s not the best way to show you what has me so excited right now, but at least it’ll give you a hint of what’s coming!


I’ve begun a new series of Norwegian landscapes. All are done on two sheets, with the thought that they’ll end up bound in sets into albums. A lot of my method and mark making seems to be coming together in these, yet I find them as perplexing as they are exhilarating. I’m not really in control here, so I’m just hanging on and taking the ride.


Here is a moody up in the mountains scene. CLICK ON IT TO TAKE CLOSE LOOK – IT’S WORTH IT!


Norway warm up 1


Oh, and I’m going to keep puttering with odd flower pictures too. Here’s one that was in my almost-a-goner pile. It’s a pretty big pile actually, and most of the pictures there will be scrapped, so they’re fair game to mess with. If I screw one up, who cares? Sometimes I don’t though. Sometimes, a loser ends up looking kind of fine, like this one:


Strange bloom