“Tis the Season – Reving Up • December 2, 2014

Today, I am an elf!


I’m about to leap into the Great 2014 Christmas Project. It’s moments away in fact. As soon as my computer finishes downloading super secret files to a super secret elfing location, I’ll launch, and I have that wonderful, excited (and also sinking) feeling that comes when you know it’s going to be a toboggan ride – and kick off anyway! It’s always like this when the Logan elves (me and my sis) let ideas run amuck. We giggle a lot.


I can’t tell you anything about what we’re doing yet, but if all goes well (or even a little does), there will be very neat show & tell here late in the month. Until then, I’ll post pix of past Christmas projects (I told you about a really good one two posts ago).


I have a lot of favorite times of year, but when the workshop is open and the elves are banging away, it is special –


Your Buddy Bill —————–


For your amusement: two CD cover designs done for compilation discs given to the Boss Elf last Christmas. Both combine elements of my real drawings, digital drawing and a lot of messing around in Photoshop. The blank areas on the left halves are where the lists of tunes were eventually added. I didn’t expect much when I started these, and was pleasantly surprised when finished. I particularly like the top one; that trumpet player is a hepcat, man!






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