Today, I’ve been at sea • • September 28, 2017


Logan 9-28-17 1


Good Evening All –


Why stay tucked away in a fjord? I felt like trying to paint a rough North Atlantic sea, and these two pictures are the result!


My thought was to do a view with a very high horizon line, and then maybe the glimpse of a headland peeking up, waaaaaay off in the distance. Then I nailed the picture above, and was (for once) smart enough not to keep messing with it. To me it looks like roiling, wind-tossed breakers. So maybe I’m still on shore.


Yet I wanted to try my original idea too. So I started the picture below. Hmmm, don’t think I like it. Should it be scrapped? Probably, but I’ll let it rest for a few days before definitely deciding.


Meanwhile, I’m going to finish my carpentry chores, so I doubt there’ll be posts over the weekend. Watch for new ones next week though!


Your Buddy Bill


Logan 9-28-17 2