Today’s Mountain • January 5, 2015

Again, it’s Mt. Haynes, this time in winter – at least that’s what I’m trying for. Does it look that way?


I’m not convinced I’m finished with this picture, but that’s my normal state these days. It’s in my nature to take a finish right down to the last twig and dot. Truthfully, it often means more work than benefit in terms of how much stronger an image becomes. I’m trying hard to quit earlier, but knowing when to remains kind of confusing.


I have three more mountain pictures on the boards, but I’ll have to finish them in side moments, or when I play hooky from my Paterson drawings, which I will settle back into tomorrow. I hope I can keep my momentum up. I’ve managed to finish 5 pretty intense drawings in as many days!


Mt. Haynes F BLOG


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