Sneak Peak #3 – more twigs and branches • February 19, 2016

Hey ya –


All progress is forward, though teasing out white and gray branches, twigs and foliage clumps is harder than I anticipated. I’m certainly finding out how much my paper can take, and am now routinely reinforcing areas by adding patches on back. The up side is that with doubled thickness, I can dig, sand and scrape even more aggressively! Is there no end to this creative destruction?


Here are two pictures for you – this first one is a quick shot of my stubborn old pine tree. I’m worried it might be getting too detailed, but I still have a trick or two in reserve that can knock it back if needed. My new motto these days is to stop working on something before I’ve taken it as far as it can go –  always leave room to move!


Mt Haynes 14 working4blog


Below is the back of my poor sheet, which is scarred almost beyond it’s ability to take it. I’m making a lot of the twigs and texture in my tree by first incising them into the back with dental tools and whatnot. When I flip the sheet over these marks are raised, which means sanding and scraping catches them first. You can see how this looks in the upper right of my first photo.  Kinda cool, huh?


Mt Haynes working 6blog


Come visit again – there will be lots more to show you in the next bunch of days.


Your Buddy Bill