Tomorrow’s bloom is ready tonight • • November 10, 2017


Logan Flowering 208


I won’t post tomorrow, so here’s one of my favorite new blooms for you.


Does it look like it’s in the middle of a nasty storm? I hope so, and actually, the bloom did have to make it through a downpour! I started this picture by slinging water and ink from top to bottom, to get that streaky, splattery effect. After all, isn’t that what rain would really do? Then, while everything was still swimming wet, I had to mess, press, grind and paint the flower in the middle of it all.


I never have the time I need to do what I want to – working with ink rarely allows me that. This picture was a done in a frenzy of trying to keep up as things smeared or ran or dried unhelpfully. I remember standing back when I’d finished, almost panting, and kind of shocked that everything had turned out so well.


Here, check out this detail view – as quiet and ghost-like as my bloom is, it’s also quite graphically powerful. It holds its own.


Don’t forget, you can click the pix to see them even closer – so worth it!


Logan Flowering 208 detail