Too pooped to sling ink • • January 23, 2018


Hey All –


I’m pretty wound up these days – and both tired and perplexed, probably because I have more than a dozen landscapes going, and haven’t managed to get a single one resolved!


Do you know what? I just couldn’t face it this morning, so I’ve declared a STOP DAY – and intend to spend the rest of it being the completest bum possible. Gonna watch bang, bang shoot ’em up movies – or even some rom com chic flick, because I’m a big softie. Gonna eat snacks, almost not move – and maybe even take a nap!


Feeling a little guilty about all of this though, so here (at least) is another whacky flower picture for you to see. Did you know I’ve now done 350 of ’em?!!


Your Buddy Bill


Logan Flowering 224