Turning geologic • • March 14, 2018


Logan Astrup Peak 13


I know, I said no post today, but here’s the picture I just about finished yesterday, and it’s pretty wonderful – I had to show you.




I wish I could have photographed the process that resulted in all of that wonderful texture, but things were moving too fast and out of control. I’m not even sure I can explain what happened – suffice it to say that I had two pictures going at once. When one went south, I slapped the other face down right on top of it and rubbed it’s back like crazy. I was hoping some portion of the picture underneath might transfer to the second one, but instead, when I tried to peel them apart, great sections of  the bottom picture tore off and stuck to the other.


That should have been an OH SHIT moment, but not this time! It looked surprisingly good, or at least full of unexpected possibility. So, I just let them stay stuck, and kept painting and printing right over the mess! In the end, when everything was dry, I had a lot of re-peeling, gluing and repairing to do, but now I’m wondering if I may have stumbled upon something very, very promising – what if I intentionally deteriorate, rip and stick pictures together?


This new wrinkle, in addition to all of the ripping, scraping, pecking and sanding I already do as a matter of course, has me feeling very geologic, as if I’m making pictures in a way that is very similar to what weather, time and erosion does to to the actual mountain!


Just for fun, here is my picture again, but this time with the areas that stuck to it outlined in turquoise – the piece outlined in violet was collaged in later to add a little texture to that big, dark area.


Logan Astrup Peak pieces2


And HERE is what the back of the sheet looks like! All of that patching is pretty typical of one of my pictures these days. My method is so hard on paper! Clearly, these pictures of mine must be mounted on a backing sheet – without which, they wouldn’t hold together over the long run! Oh, and that the green tape is just temporarily holding the two sheets this picture is done on together.


Logan Picture Reverse