Two more coming along • • February 3, 2018


Logan studio shot 2-3-18


Good Morning!


The picture above is strange. What happens when there are so many textures that their cacophony almost tips into chaos? Could that much visual noise instead become a buzz that settles into a captivating view? The whole world is this ripe with texture – we just block most of it out. What happens if you can’t?


What happens when I make a picture defined by grays instead of darks? How far can I push the unpredictability of collaging? I know, my brain hurts, gears grinding, but so okay.


Below is a bonus photo, of another picture that might not be headed to the scrap pile after all. It wasn’t working (and still may not be), but right now I’m thinking it’s still breathing!


There won’t be a post tomorrow or Monday – I’ll be out of the studio.


Have the finest weekend –


Your Buddy Bill


Logan studio shot 2-3-18b