Two more started! • January 13, 2018


Logan Astrup Peak 4


These new ones give me five now under way. I might shoot for a dozen keepers, which would be enough for a whole album of paintings. Even if I don’t manage that, it’s an excellent plan to have a bunch of pictures going at once. That way, when I get too confused by one, I can switch to another picture before I ruin it. That’s so easy to do right now – I’m waaaaaay past my comfort zone with these!


Logan Astrup Peak 5





Do you wanna see something goofy interesting? The painting above actually began as entirely different scene! Yep, it did, but then I got confused by the all of that chaotic texture. So the poor picture sat in a pile until this morning, when I decided to try putting a completely different scene right over top! Or am I kind of sneaking it in? I don’t even now if this is gonna work, but it’s worth a shot.


Here is what the picture looked like before I started messing with it again:


Logan Norway 4 9-14-17


And below is yet another painting, this time from the same round as the one above originally came from. Now you can get some notion of what it was that I was trying to paint. I wonder if I’ll succeed in completely changing the view? Stay tuned!


Logan Norway 1 9-14-17