Two stubborn mountain views • • May 13, 2018


Logan Mountain 5-12-18


I’ve finished 21 Norwegian mountain pictures, and probably as many more are in various stages of completion. Some won’t make it, but others – like these two I’ve taken quick snapshots of – just might. I had given up on both, and the one below actually lived on my floor for a bit. I’m surprised I didn’t walk over it!


For some reason, I began messing with it again today. Now, it may have real promise, although I’m not sure why. I’m operating out in front of my ability to truly assess what I’m doing – so I’m confused and uncomfortable. And hopeful too.


Oh, and yes, I KNOW the mountain above looks a little like it might be wearing a lacie bra. Maybe I’ll change that. Or not. Tomorrow’s going to be interesting – we’ll see how things stand after the next hard push.


Logan Mountain 2 5-12-18