Two dragonflies that were a surprise • • October 8, 2017




This picture just popped out of nowhere yesterday morning. Wasn’t expecting to do a dragonfly! Full confession: I actually did this the other way around, but it looks better this way, so upside down is the better right side up! I’ve quite wondering or worrying about why this happens so often. I simply see it as a perplexing gift.


The dragonfly below was also a surprise. You should know that I’ve been making pictures on two sheets since last Spring. I mess a lot of them up, but if one side or the other is any good, I keep it. I now have a HUGE stack of orphaned halves. Once in awhile, I choose a pair that are so mismatched they make no sense, and see if despite that, I can turn them into a picture that works. It forces me to try things I wouldn’t usually consider, and while the exercise rarely succeeds, I sometimes do get an unexpected picture out of it!



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