Twofer Sunday • November 5, 2017


Logan Flowering 229


I said last week that I might not be in touch much – due to computer updating. Well, it took us half the week just back up my files (I’ve been really bad about that).


So, this week is now going to be what last week wasn’t. Thus, you get an extra picture today, in case we miss out tomorrow!


I’ve done many, many flower pictures, and often there are several versions in each case. For instance, the tree below was done in the same run as the one I showed you three posts ago, and though I don’t remember painting so many, there are actually quite a few. Partly, this is because when I’m chasing after a pictorial or graphic notion, I keep refining or changing moves until I’m satisfied – or played out! And increasingly, what I thought I wanted to have happen isn’t even close to as wonderful as the variations I end up with.


Remember too, the purpose behind all of this is to eventually bind groups of pictures into albums, probably a dozen to each. I want lots of choices, and boy do I have ’em!




Logan Flowering 231