Unbelievably lucky! • February 8, 2018


Logan-Astrups Peak2a


This morning, I started the picture above by brutally scraping, sanding and crinkling my paper before ever making a mark! I even tore a ragged strip right off the bottom, then clipped another piece of paper in behind it. Why? I wondered what might happen along that overlapped edge once I flooded it with water and ink.


Now, you probably already know that I mess with wet ink like crazy. I push and scrape it around and especially like pressing it into my sheet. Wow – the effects I get are so satisfying, but I never could have imagined what happened this time! Here, watch this – the snapshot below is of just my top sheet, and now you can see the torn edge:


Logan-Astrups Peak3a


And this next photo is of the under sheet. The arrows show you where the torn edge of the top sheet was laying in the wet – but just look at what happened up above that edge!!! 


Logan-Astrups Peak4a

Holy crap! Have you ever seen texture like this?


All of my pressing and pushing must have forced ink up between the sheets, where it dried. Unbelievable. Completely unexpected! CLICK THE PHOTO TO GET A GOOD, CLOSE LOOK!


I MUST figure out how to repeat, control and use this accident! 


I’m also gonna pull the two sheets further apart, paste ’em together and just marvel at the incredible stroke of luck that gave me a picture with such an amazing lower portion!


Logan-Astrups Peak1a