Variations on a Theme • March 16, 2016

Good Morning All –


I’m still in cat-land but that will change today, when I shift back to big pictures. Before I make the leap, I thought you might like to see something fun!


I quite frequently do the same thing a number of times. One big reason for this that I like trying out different combinations of marks and effects – it broadens my own idea of what’s possible. Also, if I’m working on a larger picture or more complicated outdoor scene (Like my Mt. Haynes views), it allows me to capture different moods, times of day or season – and the drama of weather. It sometimes takes quite a few variations before I feel I’ve done all I can do.


Here are 4 cats from the last few days. Yes, the one on the bottom right still needs his face – he’ll get it this morning. I’m excited by the temperature shifts in my grays – from warm to cool. I only use India ink – yet it appears as if a little quiet color has crept into my work! I’ll have to show you how I do this soon.


Once these are flattened and really photographed, you’ll also see how textural and worked my surfaces are too.




If I didn’t have the great creative winter I hoped for, I have added to my method. I’m better at this than I was last autumn. So, there is progress!


Your Buddy BIll


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