View from the operating table • • January 18, 2018


One of the nicest things about making pictures on two sheets (when I have a tendency to mess up so much) is that screw ups often happen on just one side. That means the other half of a picture is still okay. It’s no surprise that I have quite a stack of orphaned picture halves lying around.


What is really, really odd is that these leftovers often fit together surprisingly well! How can a left and right from different pictures do that? I guess it’s partly because I usually do a number of variations of the same scene. Thus sizes and shapes are pretty close. And then I’m also me, so I dependably make the marks I do. That means they kind of jive too, at least to the point where days like the one I’m about to have often happen.


Here’s a snapshot from my drawing table this morning – take a look (CLICK THE PHOTO TO REALLY SEE IT) and then we’ll finish our chat:


Logan mountain in progress


Do you see what I mean about how well some of these different halves fit? I mean, it’s kinda weird!


I’m going to try to marry these two halves together, which will mean using every trick I know. There will be some sanding, a lot of scraping and surface abuse, plus new ink, of course. And there certainly will be collaging too. This isn’t going to be easy.


Check out these detail views: in the first one you can see that a little collaging has already begun.


Logan Mountain detail 1


How easy it is to get lost in some of those topographic gray on gray textures. OH PLEASE CLICK THE PHOTOS! Wow, I hope I can pull this off – his could be a truly fine picture.


Logan mountain detail2