What if black becomes white? • May 1, 2015

Good Evening All –


A few weeks ago, a fellow who had seen me hard at it for days, trying to make a couple of good pictures of the mouth of the Great Falls chasm (in Paterson, NJ), finally stopped to ask why I wasn’t doing the actual falls. He very helpfully pointed out that if I shifted just a little to the left, I would see them. I’m sure he thought I was a nuts when I tried to explain that I was painting the views no one else pays attention to.


One picture is proving an unexpected challenge. It’s an odd view, almost wholly taken up by a sheer rock face – the escarpment over which the falls tumble. Yes, if I just turned to the right we would see them, but I don’t wanna. If I simply turned more left, I could get all of the wonderful old power plant in view. Not gonna do that either. A little of it is in the picture, but other than that, this is all about rock and water – – – – and I can’t seem to get it done. I’ve crashed the last three attempts and finally (hopefully) might have a fourth try that could go somewhere. I’m beginning to realize this picture should be defined by texture rather than tone, but the graphic logic is getting screwy. For instance, how can it make sense that some big areas of shadow should maybe stay light, while I put darks (or textures) where they don’t belong? I’m perplexed.


I’d like to sort this out soon. Until I have a new picture to show you, I’m sticking with it. The photo shows you the mess I make when I have almost no clue what I’m doing!


You had better stand back!


Your Buddy Bill


studio view