Photos From My Recent Show • • October 15, 2017


I’m sorry it took me a bit to get these photos posted. It was a lovely exhibition, in a particularly beautiful space. I can’t believe a month went by so fast!


I’m deeply grateful to the Cottage Place Gallery and the Unitarian Society of Ridgewood, NJ for allowing me to share my work with so many. Very special thanks also to Carol Wolf, who had answers for every single question. She, Bob Demarest and Wendy Setzer did a brilliant job of hanging my show. Evelyne Pastore catered the reception, and I gotta tell you, her presentation got more attention than my work – and deserved it! Finally, the biggest reason I get to be who I am is that my sweetie, Reidun, is fiercely supportive, as patient as a saint with me, and has better insight into my work than anyone. I am so very lucky.


Okay, let’s get to the pictures – this first one is a composite view of the whole show. All told, there were 37 drawings and paintings (you can see 35 here).


UU 2017 full gallery view


Next are closer looks. On one big wall, I simply clipped up 18 cats, bookended by 4 more in frames.


UU 2017 gallery detail 1


There were also big flower pictures, and of course, a number of landscapes.


UU 2017 gallery detail 3


UU 2017 gallery detail 4


UU 2017 gallery detail 2


Here are hi-resolution images of the four paintings that seemed to be the favorites:


Logan Old Burn, New Growth 3


Logan Mt. Haynes 14


Logan Flowering 29


Logan Fjord 1


Now it’s time to make a whole bunch of new work. You can imagine me hard at it in my attic studio until next Spring.


A lot more show-n-tell is coming!


Your Buddy Bill