Have I wandered too far into the weeds? • December 13, 2016


Good Evening All –


When my sis, Kay, arrives on Saturday, so does the HOLIDAY! I’ll lay down my brushes, cap my ink jars and my creative year will have ended. 2016 has been one of the best I’ve ever had.


I’m buried in new pictures here. Most are from my new project, a great big collection of blooms done on two sheets. My goal was to have a 100 done before Kay got here (I may have done it). The bigger idea os that many of these will be bound into albums containing a dozen pictures each.


My flowers have turned strange – below are several down and dirty studio snapshots I just took of some I’ve done in the last week or so. What am I up to here? I’m as confused as you may be, but the order I gave myself when I began this was that I would NOT to judge or worry or get in my own way. I would slam the ink down, move fast and figure out how or what I did later.


Well, later is just about here too. Maybe one morning soon, Kay and I will line ’em all up and see if I have anything good here.


I’ll post more pictures tomorrow!


Your Buddy Bill