WE HAD A GREAT TIME • November 17, 2015

Hey All – 


I’ve taken a few days off to recover (and just plain loaf), but this morning I’m back in gear.


WOW – so many old and new friends came to Bob’s and my opening! THANK YOU, for taking the time, sharing your kind compliments and welcome observations. The afternoon was wonderful.


As for me, three hours went by in a blur. I tried to talk to everyone, but I didn’t get to spend nearly the time I would have liked to with everyone I’m grateful for. I have a rich life – and it’s all due to the generosity and care of those I cherish.


Your Buddy Bill


PS: I would especially like to thank Wendy Setzer for being a shutterbug – almost all of these photos are hers!




Here is my Sweetie – every single thing I do or am has Reidun in it!




This is Bob, who is ALWAYS dapper and charming – I wish I had his social ease.




Both Bob’s wife, Alice, and Lauren (her granddaughter) are so cool –  and radiate pure warmth.




On the other hand, I’m generally kinda goofy – but I’m me and that’s that.




Here are a few more shots – I really appreciate the photos friends keep sending.