What does it mean?!? • May 7, 2018


Logan Mountain 5-7-18


First off, click this image and take a good look, then I’ll tell you about it – – –


Oh, am I confused! There are some incredible things happening in there, but this is the back of one of my pictures!


Okay, maybe third of this image is the result of ink (in various dilutions) having been forced clear through from the front – remember I’m using a printing press quite a bit, so I can create lots of pressure. The rest of this picture is what I did trying to complete the incredibly ethereal (and unexpected) surprise I discovered when I first turned my paper over!


Clearly, there are some things I still must attend to (like the white spot on the shoreline under the big, black mark. That’s a hole that must be mended. Easy enough, but tweaking this picture the rest of the way will be agonizing. I’m not sure how to do it.


So, I’m running away tomorrow! I’m gonna go fishing, and I might do it Wednesday too. Yep, screw art, it’s time to play hooky.