When old bed frames are my best friend • September 27, 2017




Hey ya –


Action-packed here lately, and no time for blogging or even art making! But I’ll sling ink as soon as I’m done writing you. May I’ll post some show-n-tell later if the day goes well.


One reason you haven’t heard from me is that we have a nice weather and I must use it. I needed days of no rain to turn my driveway into a furniture and fixture building shop. My mission this time is to re-organize my paper and art storage area, which is also the matting and framing area, print collection storage, guest bedroom and my Sweetie’s sewing room. Yep, it’s one over booked room! How on earth do I fit more flat storage in there too?


Answer: put it on wheels! That way the flat files can be pushed out of the way in any direction, when some other part of the room is in use!


So, imagine me out there in the sun working away – and not only for my workspace; I’m also making a new top for our trunk table, a cool foot stool with cat-proof storage for Reidun’s knitting projects, and some other odds and ends. I’ll get back to all of that tomorrow, and hopefully be done on Friday.


Have the finest day –


Your Buddy Bill


PS: handy tip – old metal bed frames are the best cheap (or even free) source for angle iron if you need it! This base (wheels about to be bolted on) should handle plenty of weight.