Stubborn Pays Off • November 18, 2016


When I set up in the shade of the pines to paint this scene on a hot day last August, I thought it was a pretty simple one. I shouldn’t think foolish things like that!


So much is happening on every hillside in Montana, where nothing much covers over history. You can see every geologic moment before you even get to the drama of struggling trees, the remnant of an old forest fire, the dust, the wind and hard-changing light. And don’t forget my sweat and the damned deer flies. It was a long day, with terrible false starts, before I finally got this picture going.


It’s not as involved as others I’ve made of Yellowstone, but I am very attracted to the looseness and hurry with which it was painted. I was too tired to be fussy any longer, and too stubborn to quite the day. So I just took care of business. There’s a lesson in that!


Here are a high-res image and details for you:


Have the finest day!



The Upper Gallatin River Valley – Yellowstone National Park

India ink, inked collage and surface alteration on paper. 18″ x 24″