Where I’m Headed Next • January 7, 2016

Hey ya –


I’m trying to finish my 13th and 14th Mt. Haynes paintings (part of my Yellowstone National Park suite). They may be the last of this peak, but then again, perhaps not.


This first picture shows what #14 looks like right now. There is some good work in it, but over all, this painting lacks real punch. There’s too much white and not enough environment/mood.




Here is another version, DONE IN PHOTOSHOP, in which I’ve digitally added a sky, more darks and water texture to see what they might look like. I’m thinking much better, but am uneasy with the idea of making the clouds that dark. I am going back into the painting to do this for real, but I’m also going to tease the darks up cautiously




And below is another DIGITAL ROUGH – this time of my Mt. Haynes #13. I swiped the trees from two woodblock prints by a really fine japanese artist who was named Joichi Hoshi. Of course I messed with them a bit before I dropped them in on top of my painting. Let me stress that this is just an indication of what I’m thinking of doing. I love the idea of the ghost-like, really twiggy texture in the trees contrasting with the bold moves in the mountain. Now I must figure out how to do my own version of this (I’ve already started).


Mt Haynes 13 rough


Things are getting really interesting here! Let’s see if I can have some wonderful show & tell for you by mid-next week!


Your Buddy Bill