While my Sweetie was out walking • July 17, 2016


quick sunflower


I dread what’s going to happen in a few minutes – the day has come when I must CLEAN my studio. The last time I did it was in February. Oh yeah, let your imagination run wild, then double the dust and work detritus, aaaaaand you’re just about there!


As a sort of pre-ordeal treat though, I pounded out this sunflower while my Sweetie was on her morning walk. I had an hour, no time to think or hesitate.


I’m pooped and Reidun came back sweaty, though she says she’s blooming. Or maybe glistening. I said if she rinsed her face, I’d scrub the ink off my hands and then we could kiss good morning. She said that after breakfast she’d help me clean not only my work area but also my car!


I am loved!


Your Buddy Bill