Work Before Play • May 14, 2015


Studio view


Hey ya –


Just a quick note and photo from the studio. I’m slinging ink and messing with some really odd new tricks – pushing hard before I leave on Sunday for southern Illinois. With luck (and hopefully a little bit of sleep tonight), the picture propped up at lower left may be a good bit further along by tomorrow evening. I’ll post another photo if it is. Then I hafta frantically pack the car, forget something I need (because I always do) and head for the land of everything but trout to catch what I can. I’ll enjoy friends I miss, drink fabulous home brew, attend a high school graduation and give a budding scientist a big hug (and a safety lecture) before she heads off to Barrow, Alaska on a six week research trip.


Oh, and as I’ve been working since just after 5:00 this morning, I think I’m allowed climb into the hammock with my Sweetie when she gets home. I’ve earned such delight, yes?


All of the sudden it looks like summer out there!


Your Buddy Bill


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