New Yellowstone Picture Coming Along • September 13, 2016


Yeah, I still have a good ways to go yet. This was started out there last month, but it stalled. Now, looking with fresher eyes, I have a notion of how to continue. For one thing, I want to keep the sky understated, though right now it’s still too chaotic and blotchy. Once I get the rest of the dead standing timber and new growth painted along that ridge line, I should have a clearer idea of how far to develop the rest of the picture.


This all has to do with my latest effort NOT to fixate on (and obsess over) areas of a picture early on. It’s much smarter to bring the whole thing along together. Saves wasted or ill informed effort, and I’m going to be all about getting the most out of my work time in the months ahead.


It’s tougher than I realized to paint the underside of a thunderhead in just b&w. It keeps looking more like smoke from a big fire, though I think I’m creeping towards getting it right now. Soon, I really will start painting pictures of the forest fires, and smoke plumes ascending clear up into the clouds. Yep, I’m plan on mixing ’em up, though I don’t know how to yet. Not today’s problem!