Wow – now what do you make of these? • September 14, 2017


Logan Norway 1 9-14-17


Strange marks and moves today – paper ripping up and Geez Louise, is it stormy in these pictures! I must work on bringing in some sunshine soon.


All of these still need work. My hunch is that each requires select focusing of salient details. I must anchor this chaos, and give viewers a toehold. But how? I’m not sure what to do.


I also realize my quick snapshots don’t do reality justice. If we were looking at my paintings together, you would feel them in your gut. The surfaces are so brutalized and raw. It’s as if they were torn up in a big, bad old storm – and took us with ’em!


Of course, the flip side is that I don’t think these will support themselves. They’re so distressed and fragile that they’re ready to fall apart. I’ll have to figure something out, and I suspect it’ll mean mounting onto carrier sheets, but how do I do that without flattening texture I don’t want to lose? Yep, still more concerns, but they’re another day’s problems.


Tomorrow won’t be a painting day – and I probably won’t write you either. I must prep for my exhibition reception, and then clean the place up – we’re having friends over afterwards.


Your Buddy Bill


Logan Norway 2 9-14-17


Logan Norway 4 9-14-17


Logan Norway 3 9-14-17