Clearing the decks at year’s end • • November 27, 2019


Logan Studio 1


It’s time to sweep out the dusty corners of my year’s creative effort!


That means two things: I must attack the big stack of half finished or stalled pictures that has been piling up since last Spring. I either have to finish them or let go! While I’m at it, I also need to wear out this fixation I’ve had with big, showy blooms lately. The only way to do it is to paint a whole bunch at once and keep going until I’m sick and tired of ’em. Then I can move on!


Logan Studio 5


Logan Studio 4


This is the pile of incomplete work I mentioned  – – –


Logan picture stack


And here are some of the wonderful, odd pictures in it – they so deserve further effort!






Logan Tortoise


Logan Bloom 2 11-26-19


LOGAN ANT 11-26-19